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December, 03 2021

Total Eclipse Menu + Shopping List

Bittersweet Balancing Recipes; Sun & moon; a total eclipse across our sky this week, a new moon is rising; be gentle with your energy, cook & eat well. Read More

November, 25 2021

Anti-Inflammatory Holiday Menu + Shopping List

Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

Anti-Inflammatory Holiday Special Menu ~ our focus is all about eating to THRIVE and taking care of yourself while enjoying the seasonal festivities. Read More

February, 18 2019

A CHEFS RESPONSE & why I love;   Look out, Bone Broth; Mushroom Broth.......by Michelle Rabin


Botanical Kitchen's response on mushroom broth as the new magical bone broth article by Michelle Rabin from The Modern Farmer. Read More

February, 07 2019

Food for Inflammation and Nourishing the Inflamed Body


Discover foods for inflammation, ways to nourish the inflamed body, eat to thrive with confidence while combatting Inflammation, Auto-Immune Disease and Chronic Pain. As a chef, herbalist and person w[...] Read More