A CHEFS RESPONSE & why I love;   Look out, Bone Broth; Mushroom Broth.......by Michelle Rabin

Feb 18, 2019 8:19:25 PM / by Karina Hines

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I absolutely LOVE this article from Modern Farmer blog written by Michelle Rabin.    

It is wonderful food for thought in different ways: one is how health food trends can really explode and become very powerful marketing driven selling tools and the other is, where is this food coming from and is there an alternative to consider?   Click link here. 

My motto when it comes to animal products is this; "Eat what you like but first know where your food comes from and the truth about how it is really produced".

This healing bone broth that one can now buy in all forms, from glass bottles to tetrapak to powder form, gives me pause to wonder what was the health and wellness of these animals and their "bones" before they were brewed up in gigantic cauldrons and then pasteurized, pressurized or dried?  Bone broth surely can only be all-healing when it comes from a vibrant healthy source, otherwise it potentially could be a concentration of toxins both environmental and pharmaceutical all packaged in a container with a pretty label picturing a few blades of grass and a smiling animal?

Bone broth is healing, no question, it has been used as tonic medicine for centuries traditionally brewed on a stove top by a cook or practitioner who was in relationship with and knowledgeable about the farm, farmer and animal whose bones they were boiling up for medicine......certainly food for thought!

Michelle Rabin's article speaks of the wonderful healing qualities of mushrooms as another century old healing and strengthening tonic. The difference now-a-days is mushrooms still grow in a somewhat natural state. We farm them, but only in an environment in which they want to grow.  The process is natural; mushrooms are fungi they don't want or need much to grow beyond optimum temperature and moisture and a simple stable food source.

If I was going to boil up an all-heal tonic, I would put my money and my health with the fungi first unless I knew all about "those bones". To truly eat all-healing food, we really need to know about our food source.

Thanks to Modern Farmer and Michelle for a great article!



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Karina Hines

Written by Karina Hines