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August, 26 2019

A Guide to Oils and Fats

Choosing a great oil to cook with can be confusing when you are standing in the supermarket aisles, confronted by rows and rows of different oils to choose from. That's why I'm offering this guide to [...] Read More

July, 07 2019

Dairy; Your Body and Inflammation

Dairy, your body and inflammation; is eating dairy affecting your health? Are you eating the right foods for your body your mind and body to thrive? Read More

June, 01 2019

Sugar, and Why It’s Not-So-Sweet


We are what we eat and what we eat affects how we feel & behave. Some foods impact our physical and mental state much more than others sugar is a BIG one! Read More

May, 16 2019

GLUTEN ~ a little protein with a big impact!

A Botanical Kitchen crash course on the little protein that can have big implications for your health. Food is nourishing; food is delicious; the more you know about the foods your body needs, the mor[...] Read More